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Our Name

How did we come up with the name Barking Dog Cycling Club? In picking a name, there were several goals that we, as a club, were trying to achieve:

  1. A name that would hopefully be easily remembered or stand out, both within and outside the cycling community.
  2. A name that would be meaningful to our club.
  3. A name that would lend itself to creating a good looking logo and jersey designs.
  4. And, if possible, have a special meaning for club members, or for those “in the know”

In thinking of the area, since so many club members have ties to USD, the idea of the Coyote Cycling Club came to mind. But, that name seemed too obvious, and also maybe too closely associated with USD. But, in researching possible logo ideas with a coyote, it was discovered that the Latin name for a coyote is canis latrens, which literally translates to barking dog.

After learning the Latin name for coyotes, the realization was that Barking Dog met all the goals.

  1. Barking Dog Cycling Club is something that should stand out in comparison to many of the other cycling club names which are often just named for the city or region they are located in. This allows us to be a more regional club as many people outside of Vermillion and the immediate area identify themselves as a part of us.
  2. As cyclists, we have all had experiences with barking dogs, and within our club, we have many stories we can share about encounters with dogs while out riding. Dogs just seem to be part of cycling.
  3. The name Barking Dog and an image of a barking coyote/dog lend itself well to many options for designing a logo and jersey.
  4. And, knowing the Latin name for a coyote, we have a double meaning to the club name, as well as a tie to Vermillion, The University of South Dakota, and to the state of South Dakota since the coyote is the state animal.

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