May 03

Group Ride Schedule!

It’s time to get the group ride schedule for the Barking Dog Cycling Club up and running!  While we will allow people outside the club ride on a very limited basis, it is our hope that you will join the club and support us!  For the low membership fee of $15 for individuals/$25 for a family, you can become a member and support all our efforts.

The following rides will start taking place starting this week.

Monday night: Open.  Possible show-n-go rides through email.

Tuesday night: Time Trials and Women’s Only Ride

Proposed Time Trial Schedule – Registration at 5:30 with a 6:00 start at the beginning of Timber Road on the following dates:

May 4th – 10 mile
May 18th – 10 km
June 1st – 10 mile
June 15th – 10 km
June 29th – 10 mile
July 13th – 10 km
July 27th – 10 mile
Aug 10th – 10 km
Aug 24th – 10 mile
Sep 7th – 10 km
Sep 21st – 10 mile

Time Trials director is John Flack.  John is planning on awards in various categories at the end of the year.  Come and race against the clock to see how you improve throughout the year.

Women’s Only Ride:  Will leave from Bike Plus @ 6:00 on the off weeks from time trials (starting May 11). Female riders of ALL abilities welcome. Some interval training with regrouping of riders at the end of each interval. Ride Leaders: Cathy Logue and Barbara Yelverton

WednesdayNo Spandex Required! Will leave from Bike Plus @ 5:30 weekly and will be an easier paced no-drop ride.  The whole group may not stay together always, but there will always be a designated weekly “sweep” rider to be with the last rider on the course.  Distance will usually be 20-30 miles.  There will also be a weekly social after the ride to be determined by the group (last year R-Pizza was the usual choice).  Ride Leader: Angie Wilken

Thursday: Thirty Mile Thursday: Will leave from Bike Plus @ 5:30 weekly.  Pace of the ride will alternate OPPOSITE of the Time Trials.  On Time Trials week, this will be a no drop ride with a sweep rider.  On the week that there is no Time Trials, there will be no posted speed, riders may or may not stay together,  and there will be no official support of the ride.  Pace of the ride will be aggressive. Ride Leader:  Craig DeVelder

Friday Night Supper Club: This ride will take place once or twice a month.  With many fine eating establishments in the area, we hope to find a number of these by bike!  Many times this will be a one way ride and we will need to arrange transportation home.  Ride Leader:  Kevin Brady

The Day Riders: This group is being led by a couple of our favorite retirees, Jim Wilson and Ed Flanigan.  This is for people who are lucky enough to have the ability to ride during the day!  They are currently working on a schedule with the chances that the schedule will be as flexible as they are.  If you are interested in this ride let Jim or Ed know.  More details to follow!

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