Aug 09

Margarita Ride XVII Now Open

The Seventeenth Annual Margarita Ride Registration is now open.  Register early, but don’t register often, as it makes the web admin grumpy.

Aug 09

BDCC and Margarita Ride update

A few weeks ago, I sent out a message regarding the future of the club.  The response was not what we had hoped—some would say it was lackluster.

Today a few of the “founding” members of the BDCC had an impromptu discussion regarding the Margarita Ride and the BDCC itself.  Here is what we decided:

  • Despite the short turnaround, we have decided to pull together and move forward with the Margarita Ride this year.  It will be, though, the last Margarita Ride, at least as associated with the BDCC.  Should another organization or group wish to take up the mantle for the management of the ride, there may be another Margarita Ride in the future, but we are going to treat this as the last hurrah.

    NOTE:  we are changing venues to Carey’s for a variety of reasons.  We will provide more details on this as they become available.

  • As I intimated above, we have decided to dissolve the BDCC.   It was a tough decision, but our efforts to reach out did not yield much of any discussion apart from a few club “regulars” who have been bearing the bulk of the responsibility for the club over the past few years.  There just does not seem to be much interest in carrying the organization forward, thus our decision.

    We’ll keep the mailing list running, but after the Margarita Ride, we will shut down the website and social media accounts.  Any organizational funds available after covering remaining expenses of the club and the Margarita Ride will be divvied up and donated to organizations the club has supported in the past.

Jul 25

Margarita Ride XVI registration now open!

MRXVI Poster

(click to enlarge)

The Sixteenth Annual Margarita Ride Registration is now open.  Register early, but don’t register often, as it makes the web admin grumpy.

May 05

BDCC and the Rotary Club Team Up for Bicycle Safety

Jan 27

BDCC Annual Meeting

The BDCC held its annual meeting last night at Red Steakhouse. Many topics were discussed, and meeting notes will be published to the BDCC website in short order, but the primary purpose of the meeting was to elect officers for 2017. They are as follows:

  • President:  Thomas Marshall
  • Vice President:  Rich Holland
  • Secretary:  Caitlin Collier
  • Treasurer:  Jessi Wilharm

The Board of Directors will be appointed at the next board meeting.  Board meetings will now take place the second Thursday of each month, at The Bean.

Dec 11

Vermillion’s Own Bicycle Cooperative!

The Barking Dog Cycling Club (BDCC) is excited to announce a new partnership with the Mission Team from the Vermillion United Method Church to start the community’s first bicycle cooperative.  Thanks to the assistance of both the Vermillion Police Department (VPD) and the University Police Department (UPD), the cooperative will take discarded bicycles collected by the VPD and UPD, repair them, and then redistribute the bicycles to the community, making those without transportation or those in financial need a priority.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and on our website——for details and updates.

UPDATE:  check out the cooperative’s Facebook page:

Dec 02

Evolution of the Bicycle

Aug 03

Barking Dog Cycling Raises Nearly $3,000 for Multiple Sclerosis

The annual Multiple Sclerosis ride was held this weekend in Sioux Falls, with a number of members of the Barking Dog Cycling Club participating.  Together they have raised nearly $3,000 to help end MS!  Check out their team page to see their progress, as there is still a bit of time to raise more money.

May 31

Final Day for Club Gear Orders

Just a quick reminder:  today is the final day for club gear (jerseys, gloves, etc.) orders.  Here’s a mockup of the jersey (click the image embiggen).  Check the club emailing list for details, or contact us via the website or Facebook.

2015 BDCC Jersey

May 11

The League of American Bicyclists: 2015 Bike Friendly State Ratings

What do you think of South Dakota’s rating of #38 on the League of American Bicyclists 2015 Bike Friendly State Ratings?  Well, at least we’re not on the bottom of a list for once, right?

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