Aug 09

BDCC and Margarita Ride update

A few weeks ago, I sent out a message regarding the future of the club.  The response was not what we had hoped—some would say it was lackluster.

Today a few of the “founding” members of the BDCC had an impromptu discussion regarding the Margarita Ride and the BDCC itself.  Here is what we decided:

  • Despite the short turnaround, we have decided to pull together and move forward with the Margarita Ride this year.  It will be, though, the last Margarita Ride, at least as associated with the BDCC.  Should another organization or group wish to take up the mantle for the management of the ride, there may be another Margarita Ride in the future, but we are going to treat this as the last hurrah.

    NOTE:  we are changing venues to Carey’s for a variety of reasons.  We will provide more details on this as they become available.

  • As I intimated above, we have decided to dissolve the BDCC.   It was a tough decision, but our efforts to reach out did not yield much of any discussion apart from a few club “regulars” who have been bearing the bulk of the responsibility for the club over the past few years.  There just does not seem to be much interest in carrying the organization forward, thus our decision.

    We’ll keep the mailing list running, but after the Margarita Ride, we will shut down the website and social media accounts.  Any organizational funds available after covering remaining expenses of the club and the Margarita Ride will be divvied up and donated to organizations the club has supported in the past.

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