Mar 27

Bike Storage Tips

Have a bunch of bikes taking up valuable space in your garage, but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars into a storage solution.  Try this:

Mar 24

Coming Soon…

We’re gearing up–pun intended–for the upcoming cycling season. Stay tuned for information about club rides and other happenings!

Aug 14

Thirteenth Annual Margarita Ride

I believe that we will ride. Margarita Ride XIII

I believe that we will ride.
Margarita Ride XIII

The BDCC is proud to annouce that registrations are now being accepted for the Thirteenth Annual Margarita Ride. We think we’ve finally exorcised the code demons from the brand new Margarita Ride registration form, so give it a go. If you do experience any problems, please contact us at

Jun 29

4th Annual TBI Ride

Registration is now open for the 4th Annual TBI Ride.  It will take place on July 12th, starting at 8:00 at the Sunset Manor, in Irene, SD.  Please see their website for more details.

Jun 06

8th Annual Tri-County Tour

Register now for the 8th Annual-Tri County Tour.  Details are on the registration page, but mark your calendar for 6/28.  Ride starts at 8:00 AM sharp at the Beresford High School!

Jun 04

Bicycling, um, “safety” tips?

Purse Snatcher

View more here:

May 24

Westreville Festival Ride Info Posted

We’ve posted information on the Saturday, May 31st Westreville Festival Ride.  Check it out now!

May 22

Anyone Up For A Road Trip?

18 Amazing Places You Should Ride Your Bike Before You Die

May 15

Ride of Silence

We neglected to update the date of the Ride of Silence from last year, and inadvertently scheduled the ride for tonight @ 5:00 PM, when the national date/time is next Wednesday (5/21) @ 7:00 PM.  To honor the intent of the ride, we are postponing until that time.  We apologize for any confusion.

May 15

Bunyan’s to Bob’s

Just a friendly reminder that the (in)famous BDCC member ride, Bunyan’s to Bob’s, will happen this Saturday (5/17)!  We’ll start from Bunyan’s at 8:00 AM and ride to Bob’s, in the tiny hamlet of Martinsburg, NE.  There, we will consume this:

a preview of what is waiting for you at Bob's Bar

a preview of what is waiting for you at Bob’s Bar

There are many ways to get there, depending on your intestinal fortitude:

  1. blacktop the whole way (SD Hwy 19 – NE Hwy 12 – NE Hwy 9):  around 32 miles one way via Ponca; once you hit Newcastle, it is mostly flat  [map:]
  2. blacktop (SD Hwy 19) to Newcastle (via NE Hwy 12), gravel to Martinsburg:  around 25 miles [map:]
  3. gravel (nearly all the way):  25 miles [map:]
  4. car:  mileage does not matter

Or any other combination thereof.  Go back whichever way your stomach allows.

Note:  the gravel from Newcastle to Martinsburg is extremely hilly—like a change in elevation of a mile.  Travel at your own discomfort.

See you there!

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